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Achievements by themselves are quite satisfying. Nonetheless, they do deserve acknowledgement and accolade. TiECON Chennai Awards are a recognition of entrepreneurs from Tamil Nadu, whose remarkable success will inspire budding and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Over the years, TiECON Chennai has presented numerous awards by way of
recognising the achievements of enterprises and entrepreneurs and encouraging
young men and women to become entrepreneurs.


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Award Categories

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2017 marks the tenth successive year of TiECON Chennai Awards. There are three categories to which nominations are invited: Startup, Scaleup and Sustaining Entrepreneurship Award. Select a category that you wish to nominate.

Startup Awards

The cost of being wrong is less than the cost of doing nothing. No one knows this better than Startup founders. Early days are the toughest days, when excitement and challenge constantly outpace each other. There are some who make it all look easy and move quickly from concept to early success – we hope to find exactly those who will qualify for the TiECON Chennai Startup Awards!

Scaleup Awards

In the entrepreneurial ecosystem, the ‘Scaleup Phase’ is a unique period. The objectives and challenges faced, as the company progresses from the Startup phase into this phase, are completely new. From being a replicable model, you have now crossed the chasm by acquiring multiple customers at a phenomenal rate.

Sustaining Awards

As an entrepreneur, you have skilfully manoeuvred your way through various stages of maturity and growth - facing and surmounting risks and challenges, leading and motivating your team, sticking to high standards of business ethics and making a positive impact on the environment and society - and emerged victorious

Awards Nominations Closed

Nomination Process

Nomination Criteria

Open, inclusive and democratic.

TiECON Chennai Awards is of the people, by the people, and for the people, and as such let's identify the best among us. You could be the one or it could be someone you believe deserves to be recognised.

To examine nominations fairly and carefully, we have created an evaluation system based on various criteria for each category. Strong nominees may exhibit several characteristics listed under each category.

  • The nomination window is open till August 31, 2017
  • Enterprises only from Tamil Nadu are eligible for this award

Startup Criteria

  • Fast growing market - A sizeable market, growing fast, at the cusp of take-off
  • Formidable Team - A high quality team who know their part
  • Strong focus and execution - Your persistent focus on a single customer problem and execution
  • Early success - Market validation, early customers, milestones

Scaleup Criteria

  • The period of existence - Your business continues to shine in the market for 4 to 8 years successively
  • Growth - In terms of business, customers acquired, customers retained, and revenue
  • Growth aspects - From the date of launch till date, how your business Scaleup appears in the graph of growth
  • Customer acquisition - How your product/service appeals to the customers
  • Expansion - How big your business has expanded geographically as on date from the date of its launch.

Sustaining Criteria

  • Longevity – at least 10 years in business, with growing revenues and sustained profitability
  • Adaptability - Innovation and ownership of Intellectual Property (IP) which have had an impact on their business
  • Responsiveness – Managing risks in a competitive market and overcoming challenges in the context of customer behaviour
  • Employee retention – Keeping employees engaged and happy, maintaining low attrition rates
  • Community impact – Undertaking socially responsible activities in order to benefit immediate community

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